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The start of a new school year is here! After two years of doing online classes, students are now slowly getting integrated in the traditional set up of face to face classes. This means the students are now back again in the classrooms learning new things and creating fun memories with their classmates. 

This school year brings new challenges not only to the students but also to the parents who are also back to preparing packed lunches or baons for their kids. Creating a delicious and satisfying baon for your kids daily is not a walk in the park though for some parents. We feel you. To help you with your daily baon dilemma, we compiled some delicious not to mention easy to make baon ideas for the kiddos.

Veggie Loaded Chicken Nuggets

Kids love chicken nuggets and even adults love it! These fried chicken nuggets are packed with vegetables and are very flavorful. This is a good recipe to prepare for your kids since it’s one way of disguising or integrating vegetables in their food.  

Tortang Talong Patties

A vegetarian and healthier option of a burger. This is an easy to make sandwich you can cook if you’re in a rush. Flavorful and bang for a buck, this tortang talong patties is a baon winner.

2 Minute Fritata

Another quick and delicious recipe, these 2 minute Fritatas are foolproof and you don’t have to worry if you’re doing it right. You have 4 variants to choose from and you can also make your own twist on this recipe.

Adobo Flakes Maki

Make a Japanese inspired baon for your kids with this recipe. A simple maki recipe that is appetizing and elegant looking. Not only is this recipe good for baon but you can also serve this as an appetizer for your family gatherings

Roasted Chicken Hoisin Tacos

You can easily turn your roasted chicken leftover into a unique and scrumptious baon with this recipe. An easy to make tacos that are enticing and enjoyable for kids. Its also inexpensive which makes it a practical choice for a baon.

Chicken Chori Inasal

Make your own version of chorizo with the delicious and healthier chorizo recipe. This chorizo is amde with chicken and inspired by the Bacolod inasal. A satisfy and delectable dish you can make as a baon for your kids.

Cheeseburger Lumpia

We all love lumpia and what way to make it better by making it into a cheeseburger. Another unique twist to lumpia, this lumpia is made with ground beef, cheese and burger spices. This is one way of having variety to your kids baon by creating a different lumpia variant.

Yangnyeom Chicken

Level up your fried chicken and make it into a Korean Fried Chicken with this Yangnyeom chicken recipe. Let your kids enjoy this sweet and savory  chicken while they are having a break from their class. You might want to add an extra few pieces to their baon because for sure their friends would love some of these fried chickens.

That is our baon ideas for you foodie parents! Let us know what you think about our recipes! Do you have any baon ideas you’d like to share with us? Comment it here and share it with our other parent foodies.

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