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The S Maison x Auro World Chocolate Fair is back, marking a momentous event of enchanting chocolate revelry! From July 3 to 7, 2024, the internationally-awarded, proudly-Filipino chocolate company, Auro Chocolate, together with S Maison, the premium dining and lifestyle destination in MOA Complex, will take you on a magical chocolate adventure like no other!

Prepare to embark on a quest to the heart of the Wooden Dragon’s Lair. Here, brave adventurers shall discover the most delectable, mouth-watering, limited-edition confectionaries, and drinks all crafted with Auro’s award-winning cacao and chocolate products. This exhilarating celebration, now in its fifth grand year, is a testament to the unparalleled allure of Auro Chocolate and the premium lifestyle destination, S Maison. So, what awaits in the wooden dragon’s lair?

Auro Chocolate Cafe

Delve into the heart of the lair with Auro Chocolate Cafe’s special menu, featuring these specials:

  • Newest Offerings
    • Lemon Lime Cacao Iced Tea
    • Ube Choc Au Lait – Classic Dark Choc Au Lait
    • Classic White Choc Au Lait
    • Truffle Cream Cheese Danish
    • Tinapang Bangus Pandesal
    • Ensaymada
    • Pistachio Cube
    • Paquibato Chocolate Eclair
  • Limited Edition
    • Chocolate Dragon Eggs

Bubu Bars

Indulge in luscious handcrafted 100% vegan ice cream, expertly coated with Auro’s rich and velvety dark chocolate.

  • Dark Chocolate Cacao Crunch (Dark chocolate ice cream, dipped in 64% Auro Dark Chocolate topped with Auro Cacao Nibs & Maldon Sea Salt)
  • Golden Goodness (Hazelnut ice cream, dipped in 55% Auro Dark Chocolate, topped with roasted hazelnuts)
  • Fancy Pants (Roasted strawberry ice cream, dipped in 77% Auro Dark Chocolate, topped with freeze-dried strawberries)
  • Nuts for You (Vanilla almond ice cream, dipped in 55% Auro Dark Chocolate, topped with salted almond praline)
  • Basic Bu (Classic vanilla ice cream, dipped in 55% Auro Dark Chocolate pesos)
  • You Little Monkey (Roasted banana ice cream, dipped in 55% Auro Dark Chocolate, topped with Biscoff and roasted almonds)

Half Saints

Half Saints, a female-owned bakery and café from Quezon City known for its baked goods and comforting mains, conjures new and limited-edition treats.

  • Chocolate Truffles with unique flavor combinations:
    • Almond, Auro 77% dark chocolate
    •  Pistachio, Auro 42% milk chocolate
    •  Matcha, strawberries, Auro 32% white chocolate
    •  Mango, siling labuyo, Auro 64% dark chocolate
    •  Coconut, cashew, Auro 32% white chocolate
    •  Banana, langka, Auro 64% dark chocolate
    •  Ube, langka, pinipig, Auro 32% white chocolate
  • Basque Burnt Chocolate Cheesecake (Mascarpone and dark chocolate cheesecake with a cookie crust)
  • Housemade Soda
    • Lemon
    • Fermented Orange

Ciento Cookies

Unearth the hidden gems of the lair with Ciento Cookies’ 100g chunky delights. Each cookie, baked with Auro’s award-winning chocolates, offers exclusive flavors available only during the event.

  • Auro Chocolate Chip Ciento 100g – Ciento’s chocolate chip cookie is soft-baked throughout. It is made with pure French butter, Auro’s Dark chocolate, with Maldon Sea salt flakes on top
  • Auro Red Velvet Cream Cheese 100g – Ciento’ s Red Velvet cookie has that light chocolate-flavored dough complemented with premium tangy cream cheese frosting inside. Ciento uses Auro White Chocolate coins for this flavor. Ciento made sure their Red Velvet Cream Cheese hit just the right spot of sweetness!
  • Auro Midnight Cheesecake 100g – Ciento’s Dark Chocolate x Cheesecake combo gives out the best balance among our flavors. Ciento mixed it with two types of chocolate coins from Auro—White and Dark, and used premium cream cheese for the filling.
  • Auro Brown Butter Triple Chocolate Cienthins – These are regular-sized “CienThin” cookies making each piece a perfect “snackable”.
  • Auro Brown Butter Campfire Smore’s – It’s a cienthin cookie sandwich that uses Auro Dark, White, and Milk chocolate coins with salted pretzels and toasted mallows for its filling. It also uses brown butter for that extra flavor and aroma.

But First, Coffee

Amidst the lair’s enchanted forest, But First, Coffee invites you to sip on their Auro Series concoctions. Relish classics like Auro Choco Strawberry, Auro Choco Butterscotch, and Auro Hot Chocolate, each brew infused with the essence of adventure.

  • Auro Choco Strawberry
  • Auro Choco Butterscotch
  • Auro Hot Chocolate
  • Auro Espresso Choco

Conrad Manila

Savor exquisitely handcrafted chocolates and pastries made with Auro Chocolate. Each creation is a spellbinding experience that will keep you wanting for more!

  • Auro Chocolate Vegan Oatmeal Cookies, 50gm
  • Auro Chocolate Cluster, per gm
  • Choco Chips Mallows, 1pc
  • Double Chocolate Moist Cake, 1 mini cake, acrylic
  • Caramel Pecan Chocolate Cake, 150gm
  • Auro Chocolate Nougat, 6pcs
  • Auro Triple Chocolate Donut, 1pc

Daniel Baker

Relish in their signature pastries and confections, including the Auro Crisps, Fudge Brownies, and Mini Auro Chocolate Crookies. These delights are crafted to bring comfort and joy, akin to finding a hidden treasure in the lair.

  • Auro Chocolate Crisps (Auro version of Chocolate Covered Chips)
  • Auro Fudge Brownies (box of 4)
  • Mini-Auro Chocolate Crookies


Discover Doughmain’s handcrafted brioche donuts within the Wooden Dragon’s Lair. With offerings like the Auro Chocolate Filled Brioche Donut and Smores Donuts, each bite is a taste of sweet enchantment.

  • Auro Chocolate Filled Brioche Donut (Sugar-raised brioche donut filled with 64% Auro chocolate cream custard)
  • Smores Donuts (Handcrafted brioche donut filled with 64% auro chocolate cream custard, dipped in dark chocolate, and topped with crushed graham and torched meringue)

Mindful Indulgence

Enter the Dragon’s Lair of Delectable Delights! Enjoy vegan-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free treats like our legendary Peanut Butter Cups and Faux Trix. Dare to taste the dragon’s treasure trove of healthy indulgence!

  • Peanut Butter Cups
    • Blanc Vegan White Chocolate PB Cups (Made with 34% Plant-based Auro White Chocolate, black truffle sea salt, almond, and homemade all-natural peanut butter, comes in a box of 6)
    • Mylk Vegan Milk Chocolate PB Cups (Made with 46% Plant-based Auro Milk Chocolate, black truffle sea salt, almond, home made all-natural peanut butter, comes in a box of 6
    • Dark Chocolate PB Cups (Made with 55% plant-based Auro Dark Chocolate, black truffle Sea salt, almond, Homemade all-natural Peanut Butter, Comes in a box of 6)
    • Vegan Matcha PB Cups (Made with 34% Plant-based Auro White Chocolate, black truffle sea salt, almond, homemade all-natural Peanut Butter, and Pure Matcha powder comes in a box of 6)
  • Faux Trix
    • Match Faux Trix (Made with Almond flour, coconut sugar, Himalayan salt, homemade vegan caramel, blue agave nectar, 34% Auro Plant-based White Chocolate, pure matcha powder, topped with black truffle salt
    • Dark Chocolate Faux Trix (Made with Almond flour, coconut sugar, Himalayan salt, homemade vegan caramel, blue agave nectar, 55% Auro Dark Chocolate, topped with black truffle salt
    • White Faux Trix (Made with Almond flour, coconut sugar, Himalayan salt, homemade vegan caramel, blue agave nectar, 34% Auro Plant-based White Chocolate, topped with black truffle salt)


Seekers of chocolate treasures! Dive into the Dragon’s Den where you will find the exquisite offerings of Auro Chocolate at the Kultura booth.


To complete the experience, you can win exciting prizes! Just follow these steps:

  1. Take an Instagram Reel/Photo in your best dragon realm-inspired outfit along with your favorite treats at the Fair.
  2. Follow and tag S Maison, Auro Chocolate, and all the participating brands.
  3. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SmaisonxAuroWorldChocolateFair #WCF2024.

The (1) winner will be notified via DM by the Auro Chocolate team on July 6, 2024, at 12NN and may claim the prize the same day on or before Sunday, July 7, 2024, during fair hours.

The 3-day chocolate festival is free for all with no entrance fee required! The event will run from 10AM-10 PM. Come forth, indulge, and let your chocolate fantasies soar!

For more information about Auro Chocolate and it’s events, visit their website, aurochocolate.com. Follow their Facebook and Instagram.

Note: This is a press release. Minor edits have been made by the Bitesized staff.

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