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Which type of coffee drinker are you? We found 4 hangout places at Uptown Bonifacio for your perfect coffee experience!

Café Barbera: The Early Bird
GF, Uptown Parade

Open everyday at 6am, spend your morning rituals at this coffee shop. Order breakfast with the Nutelloto, Nutella frozen Italian coffee with whipped cream and cocoa powder, and end the meal with Egg Casserole.

Hello Kitty Café: The Blogger
3F, Uptown Mall

Insta, vlog, and snap to your heart’s content at the Sanrio superstar-inspired café. Fill your feed with Strawberry Peanut Butter Frappe: vanilla ice cream blended with strawberry puree and peanut butter, Hello Kitty Cheesecake: traditional cheesecake with a Sanrio twist, Mango Charlotte: mango custard and soft broas with white chocolate, and Crinkle Biskies: piled chocolate crinkles with cream and syrup.

Paper Moon Café: The No-Permanent-Office Worker
2F, Uptown Mall

Need to work remotely? Set up your office here. Pair your deadlines with Cafe Mocha, brewed Japanese Roast Coffee with Belgian cocoa, and a slice of Ube Mille Crepe, twenty delicate, paper-thin handmade crepes layered with ube cream.

Gelare: The Bookworm
3F, Uptown Mall

Settle down with a good book while enjoying an array of gelato and waffles. The Affogato, a scoop of cappuccino gelato with a shot hot espresso, goes well with Gelare’s Classic Waffle, crisp outside yet soft and fluffy inside waffles with syrup.

Paul Bassett at Salvatore Cuomo: The Sweet Tooth
GF, Uptown Parade

Go ahead and give in to your sugary cravings! Caffe Latte, a balanced brew made with Paul Basset’s espresso and steam milk, is best paired with Profiteroles, light and crisp pastries filled with signature ice creams and syrups.

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