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WATCH: The HiHo kids are back with their adorably sassy critiques, this time on popular Filipino snacks! Find out what these cuties love and hate about our typical pambaon food with their American eyes, and you’re bound to see the snack aisle at the grocery with a newfound appreciation for the Pinoy merienda habits.


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WATCH: KFC is back in action with their newest concoction: the Sisig Burrito. Starring Pen Medina in his most demanding KFC commercial yet, make sure to satisfy your hunger and bite into this latest craze.


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WATCH: The iconic Cafe Ysabel posted a bittersweet video last Wednesday to mark their 1927 ancestral home-turned-restaurant’s final day in San Juan. But don’t worry, they’ll be opening a new restaurant in San Juan soon! Stay tuned for details.

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