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Onion along with garlic and tomato is part of the kitchen trinity of Filipino cooking . Unfortunately, it might take a while before the onion prices go down, so we’d tend to downplay the use of onions in our cooking. But while it feels like something is missing without onions in the kitchen, that doesn’t mean we can’t whip up dishes that are amazing. With that in mind, you can still make delicious and mouth-watering dishes without using onions. Here’s a list of our onion-less recipes that you should try!

Kimcheese Pimiento Spread

Get the recipe here Kimcheese Pimiento Spread

This recipes requires little to no effort to make but is versatile spread you can use as a dip for chips or a sandwich spread. This dip is made with simple ingredients like cheese and red bell peppers and kimchi that are easy accessible on your local grocery. You can make this into a baon or served it in one of your parties.

Crab Cakes with Malunggay Pesto Cream

Get the recipe here Crab Cakes with Malunggay Pesto Cream

This might sound fancy but this is a very beginner friendly recipe you can cook at home. Fried crab cakes served with flavorful sauce made with malunggay, basil, almonds, and cream. this dish an be served as an appetizer or partnered with rice or turn it into a delectable sandwich.

Eggplant Unagi

Get the recipe here Eggplant Unagi

A vegetarian dish that you’ll be addicted to. This recipe uses eggplant and to mock the texture and the savory and sweet Japanese unagi. If you’re looking for a inexpensive but mouth-watering substitute to unagi or meat even, then this recipe is for you.

Vanilla Pork Adobo

Get the recipe here Vanilla Pork Adobo

Succulent, savory with a subtle hint of the vanilla might not be your typical home-cooked adobo but this will certainly entertain your palate. This is an easy one pot adobo you can make when you’re feeling to trying out something new and delicious.

Watermelon Tuna

Get the recipe here Watermelon Tuna

Another vegetarian option you can cook, this dish substitutes tuna with a refreshing fruit, the watermelon. This soy marinated watermelon is a meat-less option when you feel like eating that healthy rice bowl. This recipe requires a bit of time to make however its worth your patience. Who knew watermelon can be a savory ulam.

200-Peso Pasta

Get the recipe here 200 Peso Pasta

Inexpensive, quick, and appetizing this 200-peso pasta can be part of your weekly meal plan. Simple and cheap ingredients like garlic, tuna, red chilies, and spaghetti are all you need in making this pasta. This recipe is something you could cook and enjoy when you’re in rush.

Lechon Kawali with Patis Dressing

Get the recipe here Lechon Kawali with Patis Dressing

Pork belly lovers make some noise! This dish is made with a juicy pork belly served with a sweet and umami packed sauce. Best served over rice or paired with an ice cold beer. This Lechon Kawali recipe is a must try if you’re looking to add a new dish in your pulutan arsenal.

Adobong Alimango

Get the recipe here Adobong Alimango

If you haven’t notice this chef likes adobo too much! A very simple and straight forward recipe, this dish is made with crabs tossed in a garlicy adobo sauce. Simple yet finger licking good, this is one way of elevating your adobo. Warning this adobo will make you eat a lot of rice so enjoy with caution.

Kani Salad Dynamite

Get the recipe here Kani Dynamite Salad

Adding a Japanese twist to the favorite Filipino appetizer dynamite, this recipe packs the dynamite with crabsticks, mangoes and cucumber then served with sesame dip. A simple and creative recipe that creates a flavorful bang with every bite.

Shrimp Popcorn with Sinigang Aioli

Get the recipe here Shrimp Popcorn with Sinigang Aioli

Capping off this list with a very unique and creative recipe! This re-imagination of Sinigang by Jiggy Mendoza is stunningly scrumptious. Sinigang infused battered shrimps and vegetable are deep fired then served with a Sinigang aioli. Sour, flavorful and interestingly good this dish is on it’s league of its own! If you’re really into Sinigang then you should try this recipe as soon as possible.

Hopefully, onion prices would soon go down and we’ll be affordable to the everyday Filipino but until then we’ll have to find ways on substituting this vital ingredient or be creative in cooking our dishes. Do you have other onion-less recipes you’d like to share? Comment them below so that our other foodies could try them out.

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