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New food adventures awaits us all this coming year but before we say goodbye to 2022 let’s be grateful for all the delicious and sumptuous food we tried, discovered and ate this year! An amazing feast known as “Media Noche” awaits us as we countdown to 2023 that’s why’s it great to prepare something special for this feast.

Here are some delicious to dishes to serve on Media Noche to end 2022 with a flavorful bang!

Crab Carbonara Dip With Fried Pasta

First on our list is a creamy dip made with crab and cream served with deep fried pasta! This recipe is a crowd-pleaser because it’s great finger food for kids, but also suitable as an appetizer to be paired with wine or cocktails.

Get the recipe here Crab Carbonara Dip with Fried Pasta

Honey Walnut Shrimp

Re-create this fast food favorite at the comfort of your own home. Deep-fried battered shrimps are glazed with a savory-sweet honey sauce and then topped with walnuts! This dish is an excellent addition to any Media Noche spread because it can be enjoyed as either an appetizer or “ulam”.

Get the recipe here Honey Walnut Shrimp

Caldereta Cheesy Dip

This dip is a unique way of serving the classic caldereta. This Caldereta Cheesy Dip is made with ground beef, cheese, liver spread, and cream. This dip is best to served with your favorite chips or fries. An addicting dip to munch on your new year’s party!

Get the recipe here Caldereta Cheesy Dip

Spicy Teriyaki Ahi Cups

An easy and and flavorful appetizer, these Spicy Teriyaki Ahi Cups is a no-brainer for your Media Noche! This delicous cups is made of seared tuna loins, cabbage, radish and teriyaki sauce. If you’re thinking of serving a seafood finger food for your media noche then this recipe is a must try.

Get the recipe here Spicy Teriyaki Ahi Cups

Baked Bacon Seafood Alfredo

Cooking creamy pastas are great ideas for parties. This pasta recipe is something you’ll be known for this 2023 once you’ve served this to your family and friends. This pasta is made with seafood, bacon and a heavenly creamy sauce then baked until the cheesy top melts. A baked pasta fit to be part of your upcoming new year’s party!

Get the recipe here Baked Bacon Seafood Alfredo

Roasted Hoisin Chicken

Roast chicken is staple in any Pinoy occasion. “Taco-fy” your roast chicken with this easy to make recipe! Shredded roasted chicken stuffed in a hard taco shells with veggies, fried sotanghon and hoisin sauce. A taco worth snacking on while waiting for the new year countdown to hit 0.

Get the recipe here Roasted Chicken Hoisin Taco

Lechon Baka

In every holiday spread an eye catching center piece is a must. This succulent Lechon Baka is worth being the center piece of your Media Noche. Roasting beef might be challenging for you but this recipe is beginner friendly so don’t be intimidated to try.

Get the recipe here Lechon Baka

Salpicao with Aligue Sauce

A mouthwatering beef dish packed with flavor and umami! Juicy and tender beef cubes served with an appetizing aligue sauce that will make your taste buds dance. A hearty dish that will make a “bang” on your Media Noche party!

Get the recipe here Salpicao with Aligue Sauce

Tablea Mayonnaise Cake

Mark this recipe because this is the only recipe you’ll need this 2023 if you want to make a luscious and decadent chocolate cake! This cake is rich, chocolatey with a subtle sweetness that’s perfectly paired with coffee or wine. The decadence of this cake will delay all your diet plans at the start of the year.

Get the recipe here Tablea Mayonnaise Cake

Banana Leche Flan

Leche flan is already a great dessert, but combining it with banana bread makes for an even better treat! This 2-in-1 dessert combines two classic desserts infused into the ultimate meal-ender. A perfect send-off to 2022!

Get the reipe here Banana Leche Flan

Share this astounding dishes to your family and friends this coming new year! What other Media Noche dishes are you planning to cook? We’d like to know so comment them!

Another great and blessed year has passed and new beginnings are about to unfold. Cheers to more food adventure! Hope you all have a great year ahead foodies! Have a Happy New Year!

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